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When it comes to caring for and protecting your four-legged friend, dog drying blankets are an indispensable investment. Here at GroomUs, we have put together a selection of quick-drying drying blankets and microfiber bathrobes that not only keep your dog dry, but also ensure your dog's comfort and well-being. Regardless of whether your dog has been in the shower or out in the rain, our dog drying blankets are the perfect equipment for your dog.

    8 Produkte
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    Practical and quick-drying dog blankets

    Keeping your dog dry is both important for its health, but is also a practical tool in everyday life or at shows. The smell of wet dog is not the best, but with a dog drying blanket you can quickly and easily dry your dog. At GroomUs you will find drying blankets and bathrobes for dogs that suit different styles and needs.

    Absorbent and adjustable dog drying blankets

    The dog drying blankets in our range have an impressive absorbency, which makes them ideal for quickly drying your dog. The microfiber material dries your dog faster than a regular towel and leaves him warm and comfortable. The covers also have two adjustable velcro closures that provide a secure and good fit and prevent the cover from falling off.

    Stylish and practical drysuits

    In addition to their functionality, our drysuits are also stylish. They come in a number of beautiful colors such as turquoise, pink, grey, purple etc. You can therefore easily find a color that suits your dog's personality. In addition to using the drying blankets after a bath, they can also be used after walks in the rain or outdoor activities where the dog can get wet. In this way, you not only prevent your dog from getting cold, but you also keep your home and car clean and dry.

    Drying blankets in various sizes at GroomUs

    Of course, we sell drying blankets in various sizes from S-3XL, which gives you the opportunity to find the perfect fit for your dog. You will therefore find both drying blankets for smaller breeds such as terriers and larger breeds such as German Shepherds. Our size guide will help you measure your dog correctly and choose the size that best suits your dog's size.

    What size drying blanket should I choose for my dog?

    To find the right size for your dog, measure your dog from the nape of the neck, where the collar normally sits, across the back to the base of the tail. With bathrobes, you must measure from the Adam's apple to the hip bone (under the tail), from the mane to the floor and the circumference around the head and ears. Then compare your measurements with the size guide on the product. Our size guide also includes suggested dog breeds and their corresponding sizes for extra reference.

    Can drying blankets for dogs be machine washed?

    Yes, our microfiber drying blankets are machine washable at 30°C for easy cleaning. However, we do not recommend using fabric softener, as it can damage the drying blanket's properties.

    Find your new dog drying blanket at GroomUs

    GroomUs' selection of drying blankets for dogs is created with love for your four-legged friend. Our drying blankets and bathrobes are not only functional and practical, but also stylish and comfortable, making them the ideal choice for your dog. Explore this page and find the perfect drying blanket for your dog today and give it the care and comfort it deserves.

    If you need guidance on which products to invest in, you are always welcome to contact us. We are ready to help you on phone +45 28 10 89 22 or email .