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Taking good care of your dog's paws is paramount to his well-being and health. At GroomUs, we have assembled a solid selection of products and equipment that help protect, care for and maintain your dog's paws. On this page you will find, among other things, caring creams, nail filers and professional scissors. Whether you are a professional groomer or a dedicated dog owner, we have everything you need to ensure your dog has healthy and well-groomed paws.

    9 Produkte
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    Achieve professional precision with dog shears

    A pair of precision scissors is indispensable when it comes to paw care. Clipping your dog's paw hair can help prevent infection, give your dog a better grip and make it easier for you to inspect their paw pads. In our range you will find ergonomic scissors that fit well in the hand, so you are guaranteed stability and balance. With our scissors you achieve precise and safe results.

    Paw wax and paw balm for protection from the elements

    Paw wax and paw balm are essential to protect your dog in everyday life or from the elements. In our selection you will find paw wax and paw balm for various purposes, such as paw balm with nourishing and protective properties, as well as paw balm with repairing and protective properties. Paw wax and paw balm go in and form a protective barrier against cold, salt and harmful substances on the roads. Our range of paw waxes and balms are specially designed to moisturize and protect the pads of the feet.

    Create a safe experience with nail grinders for dogs

    That your dog's nails are the correct length is important for the dog's comfort and health. On this page, you will find, among other things, a wireless nail grinder, which gives you free movement, which increases safety and security when sharpening. Nail filers are designed to make it easy to get the right nail length without the risk of cutting too deep.

    How do I prevent my dog ​​from getting damaged and dry foot pads?

    The best things you can do to avoid damaged and dry foot pads on your dog are to regularly check for damage, trim nails and gently clean the paws after walks. If the foot pads need a little extra help, you can apply a paw balm as needed. Dogs that frequently walk on hard or salty surfaces, or are outside in extreme weather conditions, may need extra help protecting the foot pads.

    Good advice and guidance at GroomUs

    At GroomUs, we are committed to helping you ensure that your dog gets the best paw care. Our products and equipment are carefully selected to meet all your needs and ensure that your dog has healthy and well-groomed paws.

    If you need guidance on which products to invest in or how best to take care of your dog's paws, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are ready to help you on phone +45 28 10 89 22 or email .