Monster wet food 400 grams Puppy Beef

Monster Dog Food SKU: 469091
Monster Puppy Beef i Mørkebrun dåse på 400 gram fra GroomUs

Monster wet food 400 grams Puppy Beef

Monster Dog Food SKU: 469091
• Monster wet food has meat as the primary ingredient • Monster wet food is grain- and gluten-free • Monster wet food is 100% free from preservatives • Monster wet food ensures your puppy high-quality nutrition • Monster wishes your puppy a long and healthy dog life
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Monster wet food Puppy Beef 

Monster Puppy Beef is recommended for puppies that are not yet ready for dry food and for picky puppies. 

Tasty wet food for your puppy 

For Monster, it is important to be picky about the recipes for their dog food. Therefore, you can be sure that wet food from Monster gives your puppy an exciting taste experience, which is also full of proteins, minerals and vitamins, which your puppy needs to grow big and healthy. The wet food is developed in Sweden and prepared with care in the EU. 

Good vitamins and proteins 

With beef as the main ingredients, you can be sure that there is plenty of nutrition and high-quality proteins in the wet food. The pure meat from cattle is a super good source of high-quality protein, which ensures plenty of energy for your growing puppy. 

Feeding guide for puppies 

It can be difficult to assess how much dog food a dog should have. There is a big difference in the right amount for the different breeds. In addition, each dog is unique even if they are of the same breed. Activity level and environment also play a role, which means that the optimal amount of dog food can vary. For puppies, the rule of thumb is that it must not feel thick. It can be harmful to the joints, and can lead to problems in the joints later in life. We recommend that you feel your puppy around the belly and ribs once a week. 

It is important that your puppy always has access to fresh water. For puppies, you can advantageously serve both dry and wet food with a little water in it, so that it is softer for your puppy's teeth and milder for its stomach. 

Feed change 

Although your puppy may not have tried many different foods yet, it is extremely important to work gradually. In order to have as gentle a transition as possible, we recommend that you mix your puppy's current dog food with wet food from Monster 50/50 for 3-4 days. In this way, your puppy's digestive system gets used to the new food in a gentle way. This way you avoid your puppy getting an upset stomach or perhaps even diarrhoea, which can happen if you move too quickly and introduce new food from one day to the next.

Ingredients in Monster Puppy Beef 

Beef 71% (meat, lung, heart, kidney, liver), pumpkin, minerals, linseed oil, eggshell powder, seaweed meal. 

Additives: Vitamin D3 142 IU, zinc 24 mg, iron 20.4 mg, copper 2.4 mg, manganese 1.8 mg. 

Monster wet food contains useful analytical components 

  • Water 77% 
  • Protein 11% - Provides nourishment for healthy growth and strong muscles 
  • Fat content 6.5% - Important source of energy, which promotes metabolism 
  • Crude fiber 1% - Promotes healthy digestion and a feeling of satiety 
  • Ash 3% - Provides healthy minerals and vitamins 
  • Calorie content (estimated exchangeable energy): 94 kcal/100 g 


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