Front Range Harness by Ruffwear Purple

Ruffwear SKU: 30502-503S
Front Range Harness by Ruffwear Purple
Front Range Harness by Ruffwear Purple

Front Range Harness by Ruffwear Purple

Ruffwear SKU: 30502-503S
• Padded everyday dog harness • The size can be adjusted in 4 places • Easy to take off & on • Comfortable for the dog • 2 options for attaching the leash (back and chest) • Lightly reflective • Visible reflectors
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GroomUs recommends Ruffwear braces for walks

At GroomUs, we recommend using a dog harness for your dog instead of a collar when you go for walks. The advantage of using a harness for your dog instead of a collar is that it is gentler on the dog. Note that a harness is not just a harness.

An H-harness fits well on most dogs, as the shoulders are free, and the dog's freedom of movement is not restricted thereby.

New research from 2020 concludes that not a single collar produced such a low pressure that it could not cause lasting damage to the dog when it pulled on the leash.

Read about the research here

The Ruffwear harness has 2 options for attachment. Normally the leash is attached to the back, but you can move it to the chest if you have a dog that needs to be trained not to pull. If you have a dog that is not so comfortable meeting other dogs, you can initially use the collar for a short time and change the coupler to get more control. Please note, however, that the desire for better control of the dog can have the exact opposite effect on the dog if it does not simultaneously learn how to act when meeting other dogs. A command and associated reward provides the best experience for both dog and owner.


Measurements (measured from the dog's neck down behind the front legs):

  • S: 56-69 cm
  • M: 69-81 cm
  • L/XL: 81-107 cm

About Ruffwear

Since 1994, Ruffwear has been dedicated to designing dog gear for outdoor dog activities. Ruffwear believes that the products must perform and that performance is measured by the outdoor activity opportunities that the products provide. Ruffwear follows its basic principles in all product development and is passionate about exploring new possibilities for dog and owner. Ruffwear's equipment is comfortable for dog and owner, so they have the opportunity to explore their options together. At Ruffwear, we believe that the products should work without problems outdoors and not contain anything unnecessary.

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