Dr. Bath bath Omega-3. 500 ml

Dr. Bath bath Omega-3. 500 ml

Dr. Bath bath Omega-3. 500 ml

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Omega-3 fatty acids are essential (vital) fatty acids and must be supplied via the diet. They are necessary for the body's cells to build tissue hormones or signaling substances with very special properties. Omega-3 fatty acids are important for blood circulation and for the body's immune system. Omega-3 fatty acids are also important building blocks and are found in high numbers in e.g. sperm cells and the retina of the eye.
Most often, the pets get far too little omega-3. Dog and cat food often contains ample amounts of omega-6, but since omega-3 goes rancid easily during storage, the content of these is often very low.

Omega-3 has a positive effect on:

  • Skin and fur
  • Heart
  • Led
  • Claws, hooves
  • Kidneys
  • Immune system

The fish is caught in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of South America because this fish has the best quality. The fish oil is molecularly distilled (ultra refined) and bottled in dark glass bottles or capsules under pharmaceutical control in Norway. This guarantees the best quality of the omega-3 fatty acids. Alpha-tocopherol (vitamin E) is added, which together with the airtight and dark packaging protects the fatty acids from rancidity. The fish oil is produced from the fish fat and not the liver. It therefore contains very little vitamin A and D, and there is no risk of overdosing on these two vitamins.

Dr. Baddaky Omega-3 contains 30% omega-3 fatty acids, of which approx. 18% is eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and approx. 12% is docosahexaenoic acid (DHA).
1 ml Dr. Baddaky Omega-3 contains: 359 mg/ml (of which EPA 165 mg/ml and DHA 106 mg/ml).

Instructions for use:
Dog and cat:
Under 5 kg: 1 ml or 1 capsule every other day
5 kg: 2 ml or 1 capsule per day
15 kg: 5 ml or 3 capsules per day
30 kg: 10 ml or 6 capsules per day
40 kg: 15 ml or 8 capsules per day

Horse: 5-10 ml per 100 kg

Quality control by Dr. Bath bath Omega-3:
Our supplier of fish oil is ISO 9001 certified and approved by the veterinary authorities. There is full traceability right down to the fishing boat that has caught the fish. It is supplied with a health certificate and is in quarantine until the veterinary authorities have approved it.
Quality requirements, including for oxidation, fatty acid profile and content of free fatty acids, are followed according to the European Pharmacopoeia. EU guidelines are followed for the content of environmentally toxic substances.
Our manufacturer is approved by both veterinary authorities (the Danish Food and Drug Administration) for the production of oil, and by the Norwegian Medicines Agency to produce products for the pharmaceutical industry (GMP production). This means that all processes follow strict quality requirements and that the products are approved for human consumption.

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