KISS Microfiber towel - 90 x 60 cm

KISS Microfiber towel - 90 x 60 cm

KISS Microfiber towel - 90 x 60 cm

• Microfiber towel for dogs from Kiss Grooming • Two-tone: light purple & light gray • Delicious, soft microfiber towel • High absorbency, shortened drying time • Fast and effective for both home and outside • Tolerates washing machine and tumble dryer
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KISS towel small

This soft microfiber towel for dogs has the same properties as a drying blanket in that, with its high absorbency, it is designed to absorb the water from the dog's fur and thus reduce both the amount of water and the drying time. This also shortens the time your dog is damp and possibly cold, which is especially a big advantage in the cold seasons. So, if the dog needs a bath, at home or outside, take this microfiber towel with you and the dog will be dry in no time.

With the effective properties, it does not take very long to dry the dog and the towel therefore does not need to be worn like a bathrobe. In this way, it is not only practical and easy to have after the bath, but also to take with you on trips, as the towel, in addition to water, can also take the worst dirt. With swimming, beach trips, playing in water, rain and possibly after a car trip, it will quickly prove indispensable and it will become a permanent part of your dog equipment, which is of great benefit to both owner and dog. On cold days, you can get the dog dry quickly, on rainy days you can get the paws dried and on hot days, you can manage to get dirt off before it dries.

The microfiber towel can both be put in the washing machine at 60 degrees and in the tumble dryer at medium heat, so that it is as easy as possible for you as the owner.


80% polyester, 20% polyamide fiber.

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