Electric trimming table PRO + Electric bathtub with Danish Linak motor

Electric trimming table PRO + Electric bathtub with Danish Linak motor
Electric trimming table PRO + Electric bathtub with Danish Linak motor
Electric trimming table PRO + Electric bathtub with Danish Linak motor
Electric trimming table PRO + Electric bathtub with Danish Linak motor
Electric trimming table PRO + Electric bathtub with Danish Linak motor

Electric trimming table PRO + Electric bathtub with Danish Linak motor

• Top quality in electric trimming tables and bathtubs
• AB stock
• Danish Linak engine
• See all goals further down the page

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Description of the trim table

An exclusive, electric trimming table, where no features have been skimped on. It is of the absolute highest quality and is the latest model of the already valued electric trimming table, i.e. the best of the best. It was created for the professional - for you who have a dog salon, are a dog groomer or similar. Or for you who need a table that can reach far down and goes up in high-quality equipment.

A steadfast, yet compliant and functional electric trimming table that makes your work easier and more fun.

Height adjustment

An electric trimming table that can be adjusted in height with the two accompanying foot pedals, so you don't have to look for a small button or leave the work you were doing. It can get all the way down to being only 20 cm high and is therefore particularly good for dogs that cannot or must not jump too much.

In addition, the possibility of height adjustment provides the flexibility and measures for as optimal working conditions for you and your body as possible. The trimming table can reach a height of 102 cm. It is extremely beneficial if you have to work with a small dog or any time you have to work with a dog's legs and paws.


Along the table hangs a hanger that can be taken off and on the trimming table as desired. The gallows has room for two gallows lines, and it can be adjusted in several places so that it can be adapted to the dog and the work task.

Hooks and built-in drawer for equipment

Just below the table top, there are hooks that you can use for some of the equipment that you would like to have nearby. It can, for example, be electrical equipment, cloths or perhaps a treat bag.

On the other side, there is a drawer that you can pull out and which you can use for small things or other things that cannot be hung on the hooks, but which you would like to have close to you. It can both be grooming equipment, but e.g. also the phone. The drawer is transparent, so you don't even have to open the drawer to see what's in it.

USB and multi plug

This electric grooming table comes with a charging stand. There are two USB plugs, so you can e.g. can charge the mobile phone, but there are also two multi sockets. This means that several different plug types are suitable, including the two-pin plug that we use in Denmark.


The trimming table is designed in quality materials to be robust, strong, durable, stable and stationary, so that it does not tilt and you can carry out your precision work without disturbances from – at least – the table.
In addition, the hard-wearing and robust materials mean that the trimming table will last a long time, just as it can withstand a lot of weight. It has a maximum capacity of 150 kg, so you can get even the heaviest dogs onto the table worry-free.

Finally, the tabletop is black and removable. This makes cleaning the table even easier.

Dimensions & Weight

Width: 124 cm
Depth: 66 cm
Height: 20-102 cm

Weight: 70 kg

Description of Bathtub

This electric bathtub is freestanding and can be adjusted in height from 25 cm to 100 cm. You adjust the height using a water-resistant foot pedal and can therefore keep your hands free. The dog bathtub is spacious and can be used for dogs of all sizes, it is therefore ideal for dog groomers and salons.

The bathtub can be lowered all the way down to 25 cm, thereby small breeds, puppies and senior dogs as well as dogs with walking difficulties can easily get into the bathtub themselves. With the raise/lower function, you can adjust the dog bathtub so that you get all dogs up to a height that suits you. In this way, you avoid both bad working positions and lifting the dogs, where you can overexert your arms, lower back or back. If you are washing a smaller dog, you can use the included platform to raise it to a more ergonomic height.

The steel frame of the bathtub is extremely robust and does not tilt when the dog is in it. When using the raise/lower function, the bathtub is moved in a sliding motion so that the dog does not become uneasy.

Super functional bathtub

  • Easily controlled using a water-resistant foot pedal
  • Back plate to protect your wall against water splashes, which is foldable
  • Non-slip surface in the bottom of the bathtub, so the dog stands firmly
  • Sliding door on the side of the bathtub so dogs can easily get in and out
  • Steel plate with 2 eyes makes it possible to secure the dog during washing
  • Can be lowered down to 25 cm, so that small breeds and puppies as well as walking difficulties and older dogs can enter themselves

The bathtub is included

  • Flexible drain hose
  • Puppies booster
  • Bottom plug with hair catch
  • 2 bottom panels


  • Height adjustable from 25 to 100 cm
  • External vessel dimensions: 127x67x40 cm
  • Inner vessel dimensions: 118x61x38 cm
  • Back plate height: 42 cm
  • Total weight: 125 kg

At GroomUs, we have over 25 years of experience with grooming and equipment for this. Are you in need of a bathtub for salon or private use and are unsure which dog bathtub is right for your needs? Finally, contact us for guidance at groomus@groomus.dk or +45 28 10 89 22 all weekdays at 10-18.

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