Puppy mat between 75 cm x 100 cm

CBK Hvalpeunderlag mellem 75 cm x 100 cm fra GroomUs

Puppy mat between 75 cm x 100 cm

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This puppy pad is ideal and indispensable for both the puppy, the sick or the old dog, where peeing accidents can occur, as well as for the mother dog who is about to give birth. Whether the dog, old, young or in between, has to go in the car or transport box or usually sleeps on the sofa, in the bed or in its dog basket, this puppy pad may be necessary.

For the puppy birth
With its absorbency, this puppy pad will replace the old newspapers and you will avoid stains on the floor and carpets. It is very soft and nothing penetrates. When it is dirty, simply wash it in the washing machine and it is ready for use again. In this way, it will not only increase the cleanliness and hygiene, but also facilitate the maintenance of this. So with this puppy pad, you are helping to create the best environment for your dog's puppy birth.

For the cleanliness training
If you have got a puppy, this puppy mat can also be used with advantage in toilet training. In the beginning, when the puppy has not yet understood that it is wrong to pee inside, more accidents can happen. Both because it doesn't know any better, but also because the puppy's bladder can't hold that much. Here the puppy pad can be placed in the dog basket, the dog bed or wherever else it sleeps to absorb any accidents that may occur. At night, you may not notice that the puppy has woken up and needs to pee. In the same way, puppies also sleep several times during the day and here a puppy pad can again be used with advantage as long as the puppy training continues. Then you avoid urine on furniture and carpets, regardless of whether it sleeps on the sofa, bed, etc.

For the sick or elderly dog
With old age, the dog can develop defects or diseases that can lead to e.g. incontinence and thus cause involuntary loss of urine and/or defecation. Here, this puppy pad can again be used where the dog sleeps or often stays, as it can be unpredictable when accidents will happen. It can quickly become unhygienic if accidents are not detected immediately. In addition to the fact that this puppy pad is soft and comfortable, the suction capacity is so high that it will keep the area more clean and hygienic as well as spotless. It will thus become indispensable and a huge help in looking after and caring for your sick and/or old dog.

For the trip
This puppy pad can also be used as a pad when transporting your dog, whether it is a long journey or just a short trip. Here, we are not only thinking of the puppy who cannot hold his own for so long or the dog with incontinence, but all living four-legged creatures. All pee and defecation accidents can happen during a trip. Maybe it's not possible to lean to the side and let it do its thing - and if you're flying, such a puppy pad becomes a necessity. With its super-absorbent abilities, it will take away the worst and keep the transport box, transport cage or wherever it is kept as clean as possible.

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